Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Richard Estes: ... another photorealist.

I know you guys might be sick of this but I'm going to do it anyway. What we have here is the artwork of Richard Estes. His incredible attention to detail and his impressive knowledge of light logic is something to be envied. I was stumbling when I came across him and thought that this would be a very appropriate choice for my blog. These made me very happy. Enjoy.

Arturo S.


  1. I'm definitely not sick of it, these artists are unbelievable. Photo realism is arguably the most time consuming and difficult form of artwork. To make the final work look so close to a photograph I have to definitely appreciate there ability because I wouldn't even attempt to create this type of work ha. Is photo realism you're favorite form of art or just fun to look at?

  2. All I can say to some of these paintings is
    "Wow!" That one with the reflection off the black car is amazing it is hard to believe the amount of skill that these people have to produce such art.

  3. @ TSmith it is my favorite. It fun to look at and I learn tons about process by looking at how the images are layered. Thanks for the comments guys.