Monday, March 28, 2011

Glennray Tutor: Childhood Memories

Glennray Tutor a photorealist born in 1950 in Kennett, Missouri. Tutor's work shows us the colorful world of childhood. Tutor's use of bright colors and subject matter bring a sense of nostalgia. The subject matter is easily understood by all viewers and is fun to look at. Enjoy the examples and check out his site!

Arturo S.

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  1. i love this kind of stuff, i especially love color. i miss art that is just nice to look at. don't get me wrong, we need the stuff that makes us think, but there is something to be said of straight up skill on canvass that brings us back to something familiar, something we can relate to. i think this is great, a good refresher from all the try-hards out there that are attempting to push the boundaries that have already been pushed and done thinking that they are stumbling upon something never been done. basics, that's what i'm about, it is what it is. i think these paintings are awesome.